Logistics Through Innovation

Illustration of a control tower set up overseeing a digital supply chain

Addressing Barriers to Digitization of Supply Chains

Today’s supply chain complexities throw up worrisome issues around efficiency and cost. This is especially true of the logistics ecosystem in India. According to a 2018 Mint report about 40% of India’s total logistics cost stem from inefficiencies. A host of which can be mitigated through digitization of supply chains. A fact not lost on India’s startup community. Over the past few years, India has welcomed several innovative upstarts within the logistics space. These startups…
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We are in 2020. Why are we still printing?

Technological solutions that were meant to accomplish one objective have the capability to solve problems that could not have been foreseen. It is a rare silver lining in the gloom that surrounds us but it is our responsibility to make the most of it.  If the coronavirus lockdown has taught the world anything, it is to be prepared for uncertain times, of course that is much easier said than done, but necessary nevertheless. According to…
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The Global Demise of Stability in Manufacturing and Logistics: Can Technology be the Saviour?

‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’ – John Lennon Despite all our extensive planning practices and risk mitigation procedures which we pride ourselves on, we can be sure that there is no possible way for us to eliminate uncertainty from a system. Any impending illusion of a closed system is shattered, time and again, and the subsequent after-effects are rarely pretty. The COVID-19 pandemic has done just that for industries…
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